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What to Check When Viewing a Property

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned renter, moving into a new home can be a stressful period in your life. Conducting a thorough property check before moving in can ensure there’s no added stress later on! Read more…

Aspire Money lists the things you should check when viewing a property \

Check It Out Before Chequing

Moving house or moving into your first home is both exciting and extremely stressful. And sometimes we get a nasty surprise once we’ve moved in, in the form of leaky roofs, black mould or even a pest infestation! We can’t always rely on letting or property agents to tell us the full truth about potential new homes, which is why conducting your own thorough house inspection is a crucial part of the renting or buying process. Make sure to check out the following when viewing a property.

Check the Structural Integrity of the Property

When you know what to look for, assessing the structural integrity of a house or flat becomes easier. Signs of poor construction, cheap building materials, or wasting and deteriorating structural features are often visible to the naked and even unpracticed eye and come in the form of cracks near doors or windows, sloping or uneven floors, sagging roofs or ceilings, and even windows and doors that jam when opened or closed. If you spot any of these telling features, make a note and question the home seller or letting agent.

Leave No Stone Unturned

Don’t hold back when viewing your potential new home. Open every cupboard and closet door, turn on every light and test every bulb, try out every tap, and even check the floorboards! Your new home should be in perfect operating status before you move in, and any defects should be reported to the letting agent or seller.

Check the Plumbing When Property-Viewing

What starts out as a slightly overfull toilet can quickly turn into a plumbing nightmare! Make sure the plumbing in your potential new home is completely operational and working properly. This means checking the geyser, making sure the cold and hot water taps work the right way round and ensuring bathtubs and showers are ready for you to use when you move in.

Don’t Overlook the Damp!

Damp and mould are major issues for homeowners and renters alike across the UK. It can cause damage to furniture, clothing and shoes, and even pose a risk to health. Many people who live in damp conditions develop serious respiratory issues. When viewing a property, make sure to check walls and ceiling for damp and mould and report even the smallest amount to your letting agent or to the house seller.

A Shocking Situation

We rely on electricity every single day of our lives: it powers our mobile phones, our television sets and personal computers, helps us cook and store our food, and heats our water. That’s why it’s important to check the electrical outlets and wiring when viewing a property. Are there enough outlets? Is there any visible or damaged wiring? Does the stove work? Ensure these facilities are up to scratch before you decide on your new home.

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