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True Costs Of Travel And What To Consider When Travelling

There is a hidden cost of travel, especially when it comes to long term travel that many travelers and travel agents simply never mention.

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There are still other factors to consider outside of simply booking cheap flights and accommodation.

1. Time:

One of the most obvious things that travel costs you is time. Layovers are a prime example of this. Booking a cheap flight might mean sitting at an airport for 12 hours when you could've already been at your hotel sipping cocktails?

2. Transport:

It’s all good that your hotel offers transfers to and from the airport but what about excursions? In order to appreciate the culture and the people in the county of travel you have to be able to get to certain places. You need to factor into consideration when booking a hotel not simply the price, but also the location and proximity to landmarks or public transport. Although Uber has made catching a cab internationally so much easier, the cost of catching an Uber half way across town could cost you the equivalent of one night’s accommodation.

3. Luggage:

You've had a wonderful time in Australia and you have happily purchased a suitcase full of kangaroo souvenirs and T-shirts as gifts for your friends and family at home. Initially coming into Australia you didn’t have a problem with your checked in luggage but on your return flight you're asked to pay for the excess weight or leave the bag behind - Bummer! You are not alone. Not many of us take the time to weigh our suitcases before embarking on the journey home. But it is a very important practice to avoid being caught off guard at the check in counter. Especially because there will be no time to unpack excess items.

4. Tips:

Something to be mindful of is that many restaurants abroad require you to tipyour waitron. In some instances travel guides and tour operators add a 15% tip to the cost of your excursion. Tipping to a traveler is generally considered to be a show of gratitude and appreciation for services well rendered. But in some countries it's considered rude and inappropriate not to tip, so to avoid scowling glares from the locals best to factor in the 15% just in case.

Now that we have outlined the four most costly expenses to factor in over and above your basic travel and accommodation costs, it may seem like you simply don’t have enough saved up to really enjoy the holiday you so desperately desire. If you’re not careful these costs can eat into all your spending money, so make sure you plan ahead!

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