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Step One - Why?

So, you want to throw a party, yay. Why on earth would you want to do something like that? Perhaps, your company has been doing very well this year and you want to thank everyone for all their hard work. Maybe it’s a retirement party for Matt, what a sweet guy. Why not wish him well? Whatever the occasion may be, here we will discuss a few things you will need to consider.

Aspire Money looks at how to plan an office party \

Step Two - Who?/How?

Are you inviting the whole office, or just the people you like? Don’t worry, there’s no judgement, I don’t like Chris from finance either. How many party animals are you looking to have at your event, “the more the merrier” they say, but that’s not always the case. There is still food and drinks, will you have an open bar, for Nikki in HR who loves her wine? Are you supplying caterers to feed the crowd. Remember with planning comes budget.

1. Who will be attending?

2. How much food will need to be prepared?

3. Do we need an open bar?

Step Three – Where?

With every party, there needs to be a venue. Are you willing to spend a bit extra to have that beautiful venue for your event, unless of course, you’re Chris from finance then stick to the budget! Perhaps a lovely golf course, sophisticated and spacious and has all your requirements at the ready. How will you get the word out to everyone, email, WhatsApp or Facebook group (just don’t forget to exclude Chris from finance).

Step Four - What?

Please tell me you have a theme for your party? What kind of office party doesn’t have a theme. Have you ever been to a boring themed party? No, just as I thought because there is no such thing. If you answered yes, then spend some more time with Nikki from HR, she seems fun. A themed party gets people more excited and everyone becomes more social, commenting on each others clothing striking up conversation. This way you can ensure your party doesn’t land on its face. No one likes to feel awkward and uncomfortable at a party and also who doesn’t love to dress up.

Step Five – When?

Now finally, after all the planning, all that’s left to do is set a date for all the fun. Finding a date is not difficult, it would only become a problem if the venue is not available, but just ignore Chris and get the better place. Make sure you have created your group for the party. Have fun and remember, Roberta from marketing is allergic to shellfish.

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