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Looking to finally tie the knot?

Are you looking to finally marry your favourite person, your best friend, your partner in crime? If you are, let us help you make that day perfect, we can make your dream wedding become a reality!

How much do weddings cost these days? Let’s just say it’s a lot! With clever planning and smart budgeting, a beautiful wedding could be possible, but what if this was not possible for you? What would you do?

Picture this, you’re in your childhood dream wedding dress, perfect fit, holding your body tight but still comfortable, you see yourself in the mirror and your face shines with happiness and excitement for your future as you start this new chapter with the love of your life.Ask yourself this, “where would the most beautiful place to have my wedding reception be?” Have you got that image? Can you imagine all the exquisite décor you and your partner sat and discussed at length, the centre pieces on the tables, beautifully displayed buffet 3 course meal for all your guests who came to share this special day with you? All that planning and those trivial arguments about which family members should sit where and making sure no one is sitting with someone they are fighting with because of family drama, it was all worth it.

You and your newly wedded partner meet each other in the middle of the dance floor, spotlights and everybody’s eyes are on you, the DJ plays your song from the night you first met and you are at the happiest moment in your life. Now that you have all these images in your head, what about that person who is lurking, never seen or heard but is always watching….your photographer, to capture those special moments on the first day of your new life.

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