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How Planning Ahead Can Save You Money

It is one thing that many of us are not great at, organisation. However, by being a little bit more organised on the money front we can save ourselves a packet by the end of the month. If you are terrible at getting things in order in general, let alone when it comes to filling out a tax return or putting money into different savings accounts, then don't worry as you are most definitely not alone.

Seek Some Help

Asking for help is not something to be afraid of and could actually be the best move you make. Financial advisors can have a look at your finances and find out what you are over-spending on and give you a little help when it comes to where to put your savings for a rainy day with the best interest rate.

Keep Events in Mind

We all know when Christmas is and when our loved ones birthdays are, so make sure you have a small amount put aside for these special events. You will not want to be panicking the week before knowing that there is no way to get any money and pay day is still two weeks away. There are a great number of companies which now offer pre-paid Christmas packages so throughout the year you can pay for gift vouchers.

Keep a Cushion Fund

No, this doesn't mean that you should save for the day that your cushions are ripped to shreds by the dog. However, you should save a sum of money so that you have it to fall back on in an emergency. For example, if you get a burst tyre or the clutch goes in your car then you have an account to fall back on and you will not have to worry about how you are going to pay for it.

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