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A Great Christmas for an Even Greater Price

Christmas is a time of year for family, being thankful and traditionally a large amount of food. But when you are tight on money, this can seem like a dream that will never quite be achieved. This does not have to be the case and here at Aspire Money we have compiled a few tips on how you can cut back the cost of the festive season but still achieve that dream family Christmas.

Pay Throughout the Year

There are a number of companies who allow you to pay throughout the year on a monthly or weekly basis. Towards Christmas they will then send you vouchers for the amount you inputted into the scheme and you can spend these as you wish on presents, food or decorations. This allows you to budget each month to make sure that December 25th is a special day for the whole family.

Buy Early

There are a number of times throughout the year where there will be sales that you can take advantage of. The best time to do this is in the January sales. This may seem ridiculous to buy presents 11 months in advance but the majority of the items left will be Christmas related. With children it can be difficult to know exactly what they will like at the end of the year but simple presents are easy to find this time of year.

Set Spending Limits

For parents and partners, you can often be tempted to go a little overboard and treat them at Christmas time. The best way to tackle this before it becomes a problem is to agree on a spending limit for each other and stick to it. £50 doesn't sound like a lot if you are used to going wild on presents, but it can actually make you be a lot more thoughtful with your gifts.

Also set a limit on the price you can spend on food. With huge tins of chocolate tempting you in the lead up to the big day you can go overboard. Visit the discount isle and see what you can find.

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