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LGBTQ Family, The Planning

Let's be real for a second, starting a family is not easy. Children can be quite demanding and VERY expensive. For a gay couple, those expenses could possibly be a lot more depending on the choice you make on where you want to start the journey, be it Adoption, In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) or Surrogacy.

Aspire Money looks at different options for LGBTQ couples starting a family\

Your Options

So, the question is, are you looking to start a family the unconventional way, are you that family that is just slightly different from the rest? Take a look at the different ways on how you can begin your life as a family.

• Surrogacy

For those who don't know what this means, here's a very brief explanation. Surrogacy is when a woman, through a legal agreement, carries a child for another couple or person who is unable to have children on their own, for example, a same-sex couple. This is quite a costly process and very few people use this way of reproduction. If you are looking to become a parent or parents by means of a surrogate mother you will need to be prepared to dig deep into your pocket as costs can become steep rather fast.

• In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) By Means of a Sperm Donor

Although there is less cost involved in this method there is a lot more preparation and work that needs to go into it before physically being inseminated. There are many tests that need to be done as well as preparing your body to carry a baby and your chances are not always guaranteed that you will fall pregnant on the first cycle, many have had to go for more than just one cycle and that is where the expenses add up.

• Adoption

According to research done, 1 in 8 children who are adopted are by a same-sex couple. This shows that majority of gay relationships decide to adopt children rather than the other methods of reproduction. Adoption is probably the least costly when it comes to the process, such as signing documents and filling in forms. That doesn't change the fact that now for the next 18-21 years of your child's life you will need to provide for him/her, starting with the essentials, food, clothing, shelter. Later it becomes going out with mates, a car, the latest cell phone and all the other expenses associated with teenagers.

What Is Our Point In All This

So what is our point in all this you ask? Well to put it simply, consider all your options before making a decision. Children are a blessing to many, although not without hard work, and we love them no matter where they come from or how they're raised.

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