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Blah Blah Car

It has reached that time in your life where you have to say your goodbyes to a loved one, they have been there to carry you when you’re down, they were there to see your first child come home from the hospital. But now it’s time for an upgrade with the family growing, now is the time for a new car test test test test test test.

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Short Story - Family Holiday

After months of planning, you and your family finally decide to take thatwell deserved holiday. You pack the family into the car, your 3 children at the back, your 8 months pregnant wife in the front and all the luggage and necessities in the boot.

Everyone is so excited to be going on a family holiday to Northumberland. You arrive safely and start unpacking the car and getting everyone settled in the holiday cottage that your wife so wonderfully booked. The children grumpy and tired from the drive go inside and immediately fall asleep.

You and your wife finally settle in with a cold beer for you and an iced tea for her. Suddenly, not even five minutes after switching the telly on, she looks at you with tears in her eyes and says those terrifying four words “my water just broke”.

In a panic you wake up the very tired children and put them in the car, your wife slowly gets herself into the car. You put the keys in the ignition and nothing, you try again and still nothing. Your wife gives you that “I told you we need a new car look that you try and ignore but you can feel her eyes piercing the side of your head.

Don’t let this be you stuck in a situation like this.

How do I prevent this from being me?

Have a checklist for your car. Be sure to check:

  • 1. Fluids (oil and coolant)
  • 2. Lights
  • 3. Wipers
  • 4. Wheels and tyres
  • 5. Brake pads
  • 6. Leaks
  • 7. Drive belts
  • 8. Spare wheel
  • 9. Steering
  • 10. Brakes and clutch

Having made sure that all of the above is ticked, highly unlikely that you will be placed in such a situation.

Hope this has been helpful, be sure to stop by next week for our next article!

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